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"Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia" by John N. Harman

"The Dutch Settlement on Abbott's Creek" by Rev. J.B.Neese

"German (Swiss) Ancestors IV" by Clifford Canfield

"Centennial History of Davidson County, North Carolina" by Rev. Jacob Leonard page 447

"A History of the German Reformed Church in North Carolina" pages 156 and 160

"History of German Settlements and of the Lutheran Church in North and South Carolina by G.D. Bernheim

"Pioneers of Virginia Bluegrass" by George B. Gose

"Early Adventures on the Western Waters" Volume III Part 2 by Mary B. Kegley

"My German Swiss Ancestors" by Clifford R. Canfield

"Peter Gose Litz" by Samuel Lower (out of print)

"Missouri Pioneers" by Hodges and Woodruff

"Journey to Pennsylvania in 1751" by Gottlieb Mittelberger


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