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My Nephews and Neices

James Martin Gose and Tiffany Gan, 1988

Mary Gose and Russell Gan

Todd Gose, daughter Tausha and Ruby Gose 1993

Tacy, Russell and Tiffany Gan, (Jessees' Kids) with Mary Gose

Russell and Tiffany Gan, 1993

Tacy Gan, 1981

Mary Gose and Christopher Klein, 1978

Angela Klein and Mary Gose 1981

My Great Nephews and Neices

Tausha and Ruby Gose 1993

Tyler Gan, Ronald Balke, Mary Gose, Tarrick Gan and Season Balke, 1989

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If there's an embarrassing picture of you on this page, it's your own fault for not sending me good ones.


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