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My Grandfather

Chester Arthur Gose, 1st Wife Jennie and Sister Mable Gose

My Grandmother

Mary Belle Walkup Gose

My Cousins, Aunts and Uncles

Dennie Gose, Jess Gose and their mom Mary Belle Walkup Gose

Thurley, Thelma and Jess Gose, Feb. 3, 1920

Mary Enda Nix Gose and Dennie Gose, 1977

Dennie Gose and Tamara Gose, 1960

back row; Dennie, Marie, Dennie Wayne. front row; Chester, Kathy and Mark Gose

Mark Gose

back row; Chester Gose, Fannie Marie Sanders Gose, Mark Gose

front row; Kathy Gose, Ruby Gose, Mary Nix Gose, John T. Nix, Jess W. Gose and Tamara Gose, 1967

Arthur Gose Jr. and wife Joanne

Bea Gose

Mary Evelyn Gose

Clyde Odell Gose 1965

Sandra Gose

Preston Gose

Thelma Gose Brand

Rudolph Brand Sr.

Robert Aeron Walker

Judy Brand

Rudolph Brand Jr.

Judy Brand Kee and her gorgeous hubby Dan 1999

Jeanette Gose Head

Shawndra Head

Suzette Head Bergon and hubby Jerome

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If there's an embarrassing picture of you on this page, it's your own fault for not sending me good ones.


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