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Me and my family

Tamara Gose Balke Castorena, 1977

Thomas Castorena, Ronald Balke, Tamara Gose Balke Castorena and Season Castorena, 1993

Tamara Gose Balke Castorena, Ronald Balke and Season Castorena, 1997

Me and the love of my life, and that's my gorgeous husband Thomas Castorena driving it, 1997

Me with my dawgs Taz and baby Teanna Feb. 2000

My Gorgeous hubby Tom

Season at Soccer, 1999

My Mom and Dad

Mary Nix Gose and Jess Gose, wedding day 1936

Mom and Dad in later years

Jess Willard Gose, 1977

My Brother and Sisters

James, Mary and Jessee Gose

James, Mary, Jess and Jessee Gose

Ruby Gose, Jessee Gose and Mary Nix Gose, 1958

Ruby, Jessee, Mom and me

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