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Descendants of

Chester Arthur Gose

Chester Arthur Gose was born in Brookfield, Missouri August 25, 1885 at a revival meeting held by Bro. O.B. Wilson, his parents were Enslow Monroe Gose and Serilda Evelyn Stanley.
Chester was baptised in about 1912 by Bro. Wilson. Chester owned a large cattle ranch in Rodeo, New Mexico, but lost it during the depression. After that he worked for the Highway Dept. in Los Crusus, New Mexico, and the Bureu of Land Management in Array, New Mexico, he was also a cook, a fruit peddler and he made mattresses for welfare recipients.

Chester married twice, his first wife was Jenny, and they had one child that died as an infant or was born dead, then Jenny died, possibly during child birth. He then married Mary Belle Walkup, on Jan. 16, 1913 in Clayton, New Mexico.

Mary Belle Walkup Gose

Mary Belle Walkup was born May 17, 1894 in Russellville, Kentucky As Marie R. Walkup. Her parents were Talbot A. Walkup and Thesalonia W. Shaw. They moved from Oklahoma to New Mexico in a covered wagon. Mary Belle was of Indian decent but was ashamed of it and never talked about it. She gave a pair of moccasins to her oldest son Jess Willard Gose and said they belonged to her Grandmother, Morning Dove. Mary Belle worked at the hot lunch program during the depression and later made mattresses for welfare. She married once before Chester Arthur Gose and several times after but Chester was the only one she had children with. I'm fairly certain her last husbands name was Bob French.

Chesters Grave

Chester died of a stroke September 20, 1954 and is buried in Truth or Consequences Cemetery Lot 7, block #20 N. W. in Truth or Consequences, Sierra County, New Mexico. (formerly Hot Springs, New Mexico.) Mary Belle died November 23, 1971 in St. Anns' Hospital in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (formerly Hot Springs) of Cardiac Arrest and is buried in Truth or Consequences Cemetery Lot 8, block #20 N. W. Her Death Certicate is issued for Mary McIntire.

Children of Mary Belle Walkup
and Chester Arthur Gose;

Thurley Lee Gose

Thelma Darlene Elizabeth Gose Jess Willard Gose Lovona Imogene Gose
Arthur Gose Jr. Dennie Ezra Gose Monterey John Gose Clyde Odell Gose


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