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Thelma Darlene Elizabeth Gose was born July 28, 1915 in New Mexico. Her parents were Chester Arthur Gose and Mary Belle Walkup.

On November 30, 1935 she married Norman Chatfield and in 1943 she married Rudolf Brand born Sept. 1, 1908. She may have possibly also been married to a Walker, because her first son was Robert Aeron Walker born Jan. 10, 1934. Robert had Rhumatic fever as a small child and had a weak heart, he died about 1966 of Spinal Meningitis and is buried next to his mother in Roseburg, Oregon.

She had 2 children with Rudolf Brand, Judy Carolin Brand and Rudolf Brand Jr.

The only thing I know about Thelma is that she was a housewife and an R.N. and her and Uncle Rudy had a farm in Roseburg, Oregon. Uncle Rudy was a mailman.

Thelma died in 1968, she had a massive heart attack while driving. Rudolf remarried and moved to Kissimmee, Florida where he died in 1996 of congestive heart failure.

Rudolf Brand

Robert Aeron Walker

Judy Carolin Brand

Rudolf Brand Jr.

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