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Mary B. Walkup born on 10 May 1894 in Adair County, KY (record found on microfilm Birth Records of Adair Co, KY; Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT film #216815 item 1).

Although, she was never able to locate her own birth certicate and used the census records from Beckham Co. Ok. 1910 that stated she was born May 17, 1894 in Russellville, Kentucky As Marie R. Walkup for all legal purposes.

Her parents were;

Talbert W. Walkup and Thesalonia W. Shaw.
She told Dennie that they moved from Oklahoma to New Mexico in a covered wagon.

info from Robert W. Walkups' wife.
There was a hand written page of info. from a descendant of Robert Oliver  Walkup. I don't know who this was as no name was attached. It stated: From Columbia, KY. this family started west to Mangun, OK where they farmed.(Mangun is in Greer Co.) Then they moved on to Delhi, OK.  where Talbot filed on some government land that was called Haystack Valley. Then in 1909 they moved to Sayre, OK. where Talbot had a General Store. After all the ups & downs in Sayre they moved in 1911 to New Mexico. (Lived in Benonina,OK for 2 weeks, Talbot chartered a railroad car to haul the cattle & dry good to Dalhart, TX. and the rest of the family came on to Sedan, N.M. by way of wagon.

Mary Belle said she was of Indian decent but was ashamed of it and never talked about it. She gave a pair of moccasins to her oldest son Jess Willard Gose and said they belonged to her Grandmother, Morning Dove. So far there is no proof of Morning Dove other than Mary Belles say so. She definatly was not her grandmother, maybe ggggrandmother? Still looking for the proof. The search continues.

Mary Belle worked at the hot lunch program during the depression and later made mattresses for welfare.

She married once or twice before Chester Arthur Gose and several times after but Chester was the only one she had children with. I'm fairly certain her last husbands name was Bob French. Also found a letter addressed to Belle Price. Also married a McIntyre.

On Jan. 16, 1913 in Clayton, New Mexico Chester Arthur Gose and Mary Belle Walkup were married.

Their children were;

Thurley Lee Gose b. Jan. 27, 1914 in Mosquero, New Mexico, d. Oct. 14, 1948 in New Mexico, m. 1938 to Frank Bills.

Thelma Darlene Elizabeth Gose b. July 28, 1915 in New Mexico, d. 1968 in Roseberg, Oregon, m. twice Norman Chatfield and Rudolph Brand.

Jess Willard Gose, b. Dec. 19, 1916 in Mosquero, New Mexico, d. July 24, 1982 in Walla Walla, Wa. m. March 30, 1936 in Hot Springs, New Mexico to Mary Edna Nix b. August 24, 1918 in Midlothian, Texas d. April 16, 1993 in Kennewick, Wa.

Lovona Imogene Gose b. May 4, 1918 in New Mexico, d. May 28, 1918 in Pennington, New Mexico.

Arthur Gose Jr. b. Dec. 20, 1921 in Sedan, New Mexico, d. June 19, 1972 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Dennie Ezra Gose b. May 5, 1924 in Sedan, New Mexico, d. Sept. 7, 1995 in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Monterey John Gose b. Jan. 26, 1926 in New Mexico, d. April 6, 1976 in Albequerque, New Mexico.

Clyde Odell Gose b. Jan. 12, 1928 in New Mexico, d. June 14, 1980 in Alamogordo, New Mexico, m. twice. 3 children.

Mary Belle died November 23, 1971 in St. Anns' Hospital in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (formerly Hot Springs) of Cardiac Arrest and is buried in Truth or Consequences Cemetery Lot 8, block #20 N. W.
Her Death Certicate is issued for Mary McIntire.

Found in Mary Belles' things, when asked about it she replyed "it's just some indians" note there is a light skinned child 3rd from left.

The Family Wauchope

The ENTIRE Walkup Family history by Bruce Walkup

Samuel Walkup

Our Lineage from the first Walkup in America to Mary Belle.

End notes;

Talbert W. Walkup is a son of Oliver Garnet & Martha Cravens Turner Walkup. Talbert W. Walkup was born in Adair Co, KY. Oliver G. Walkup died sometime after 1880 and was born abt 1815 in Adair Co, KY; his wife Martha C. Turner was born abt 1829 in Adair Co, KY and died between 1870 and 1873 in Adair Co, KY Oliver married abt 1874 Adair Co, KY to his 2nd wife Tabitha who was born Jan 1854 KY; Oliver & Tabitha appear on the 1880 Census living in Columbia, Adair Co, KY with 2 daughters; then on 1900 Census in Glenville, Adair Co, KY just Tabitha appears with 2 sons. Talbert W. Walkup appears with his parents Oliver G. & Martha C. Walkup on the 1860 Census in Columbia, Adair Co, KY; and on 1870 Census in Harmony, Adair Co, KY (listed on 1860 are 4 sons and 2 daughters; on 1870 listed are 5 sons and 3 daughters) Talbert & Thessalonia's daughter Mary Belle Walkup is the only child of their's that actually shows up in the birth register of Adair Co, KY. On this record Mary Belle Walkup is listed as being a white female child born of white parents (both parents are listed as being white). On the 1880 Census in Columbia, Adair Co, KY the following household is listed: R.L. Shaw, physician, white male, age 50, born VA, parents both born in VA Lon J. Shaw (wife), white female, age 49, born TN, parents both born in TN Talbert Walkup,(son-in-law) farmer, white male, age 25, born KY, parents both born in KY) Thessalonia Walkup (daughter) white female, age 22, born TN, father born in VA, mother born in TN John T. Walkup, (grandson) white male, age 3, born KY H.E. Walkup, (granddaughter), white female, age 2, born KY Joe T. Walkup, (grandson), white male, age 4 months, born KY Harlan Richards, physician (son-in-law), white male, age 22, born KY, parents both born in KY Macedonia Richards (daughter), white female, age 19, born TN, father born in VA, mother born in TN William Hancock, farmer, (boarder), white male, age 59, born KY, both parents born in VA Thessalonia (Shaw) Walkup also appears on the 1920 Census in Sedan, Union Co, NM as: Tessie A. Walkup, white female, age 59, born TN (she was living alone on 1920 Census)

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