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Beginners Help

Military Records
Helpful when searching your tree
Very helpful with links to social security & many others

U.S. Cemeteries
cheaper than sending for death records cause it's free!

Roots Web
Search Places and Dates

United States Genealogy
Search by States

The Surname Web
Search by Surname

The Genealogy Lady
All your Questions Answered

Genealogy Online

Census Online

The Family Tree Online

The Dead Peoples Society

The Experts

Ted Gose's Page
Lots of Great stuff Here!
Be sure to check it out!

H. B. "Butch" Bohl

The Bush Family Descendants of Nancy Gose and Valentine Bush

(note...I do not guarantee the accuracy of these pages...they are just links I found in my studies. Do the research yourself get birth certificates. Do not take everyone's word as gosple, these are just places to get started!)

The Spangler/Spengler Family

Victoria Ring

The Bond Genealogy Home Page

Descendants of Christopher Kettenring And Anna Maria Sussanah Gose

Descendants of James W. Gose and Roseanna Harper Cole


Where to find the books


Talk to other Goses, ask questions or give answers

Gose Forum
If you have questions or answers check this out!

The Gose Descendants Forum
This is a forum I built just for this page, with a live Chat room and Message Board

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