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Gose Street, Walla Walla, Washington

If you're a Gose or know a Gose or would like to become a Gose (I have a lot of cute cousins and nephews) this is the page for you!

This page was created to help preserve our families history for future generations.
For all the students who've ever had a genealogy assignment and came up with nothing.
For all the mothers who can't understand why thier children act this way. (sorry they're geneticaly programmed)
For the sick who wonder how they got a genetic disorder.

For all the brave soldiers; to preserve the memory of all they fought for and the freedom we have because of them.
And for all of you who feel alone, you will always have family.

Stephen Gose a.k.a. Goos was born in Strassbourg, Germany in 1719, he came to America on the ship "The Brothers" in 1752 and married Catharina Sprecher b. 1740 in Pennsylvania d. bet. 1766-1777 in Pennsylvania or North Carolina. Her parents were Johan Christopher Sprecher and Maria Ernestine Beck. Stephen and Catherina had 11 children before he died in Cripple Creek, Virginia Aug. 10, 1799.

Their children were;

Christopher Gose b. April 30, 1760 in Linn Township, Pennsylvania, d. 1817 in Russell County, Virginia, m. about 1790 to Mary Elizabeth Litz in Wythe County, Virginia.

Johan Stephan Gooss b. April 5, 1762 in Linn Township Pennsylvania d. Dec. 12, 1847, in Castlewood, Virginia, m. Barbara Kettering, Catherine Banner.

Elizabeth Gose, b. 1764 in Pennsylvania, d. unknown in White County, Tennessee, m. 1783 in Wythe County, Virginia to Johan Jacob Kettering.

Catherine Gose b. 1766 probably in Rowan County, North Carolina, m. Nov. 22, 1791 to George Kesling.

Unnamed Twin died at birth in 1766.

Juliana Gose b. Mar. 29, 1768 probably in Rowan, N. Carolina d. Feb. 1810 in Wythe County, Virginia m. March 4, 1788 in Virginia to Leonard Litz.

George Gose b. Feb. 14, 1769 in probably Rowan, N. Carolina, d. Aug.15,1819 in Cripple Creek, Virginia, m. Dec. 4, 1792 in Cripple Creek, Virginia to Anna Spangler.

Margaret Gose b. June 8, 1772 probably in Rowan N. Carolina, d. May 8, 1808 in Wythe County, Virginia, m. about 1792 in Wythe County, Virginia to John Huddle.

Jacob Gose b. 1774 probably in Rowan, N. Carolina, d. 1774.

Philip Gose b. June 8, 1774 probably in Rowan, N. Carolina, d. Jan. 4, 1832 in Burkes Garden, Virginia, m. May 24, 1795 in Wythe County, Virginia to Elizabeth Spangler.

Barbara Gose b. Sep. 27, 1776 probably in Rowan, N. Carolina, d. Mar. 10, 1828 in Wythe County, Virginia, m. about 1796 in Wythe County, Virginia to Gideon Huddle.

Second Wife of Stephen

After Catharina died Stephan Married her sister Elizabeth Sprecher between 1766 and 1788, Elizabeth b. between 1742 and 1745 in Pennsylvania, d. 1809 in Wythe County, Virginia.

Their children were;

Jacob Gose b. July 8, 1779 in Rowan, N. Carolina, d. Jan 2, 1846 in Wythe County, Virginia, m. Feb.13,1798 in Wythe County, Virginia to Rosana Cesling.

John Stephen Gose b. 1782 in Cripple Creek, Virginia, d. after 1850 possibly in Morgan County, Kentucky, m. Feb. 20,1800 in Wythe County, Virginia to Caty Henry, who died before 1828.

Peter Gose b. Jan. 1784 in Cripple Creek, Virginia, d. April 14, 1839 in Virginia, m. March 19, 1807 in Cripple Creek, Virginia to Elizabeth Kinser.

Anna Maria Gose b. 1785 in Cripple Creek, Virginia, m. before 1804 in Virginia to Henry Hudson.

This is my branch: Descendants of Christopher Gose;

Christopher Gose m. Mary Elizabeth Litz.

Their children were;

James Gose b. 1792 in Turkey Fork, Virginia.

Stephen Gose b. 1794 in Turkey Fork, Virginia, d. 1867 m. Annie Reynolds.

John H. Gose b. 1796 in Turkey Fork, Virginia, m. April 17, 1828 in Tazewell County, Virginia to Rachel Higginbotham.

William M. Gose b. June 26, 1798 in Elk Creek, Virginia, d. June 5, 1865 in Milan, Missouri, m. Jan. 30 1823 in Lee County, Virginia to Martha Knifong.

Rebecca Gose b. 1803 in Russell County, Virginia.

Euleigh Gose b. 1806 in Russell County, Virginia, m. Nov. 18, 1833 in Russell County, Virginia to Phillip Counts.

Christopher II. Gose b. 1807 in Russell County, Virginia, d. March 15, 1853 in Linn County, Missouri, m. Aug. 14, 1828 in Tazewell County, Virginia to Mary H. Bowling.

Margaret Jane Gose b. 1809 in Russell County, Virginia, d. March 12, 1876 in Lost Creek, Kentucky, m. James M. Bush.

Mary Gose b. 1811 in Russell County, Virginia.

Catherine Gose b. 1813 in Russell County, Virginia, m. Daniel McKinney.

Nancy Gose b. Dec. 2, 1815 in Russell County, Virginia, d. possibly 1884 m. about 1832 in Castlewood , Virginia to Valentine Bush.

My branch: Descendants of Christopher M. Gose;

Christopher II Gose m. August 14,1828 to Mary (Polly) H. Bowling b. 1813 in Virginia, d. April 15, 1855 in Linn County, Missouri.

Their children were;

Rebecca F. Gose b. 1831 in Virginia, d. in Missouri, m. before 1853 in Missouri to John Daniel Keithly Jr.

James Gose b. 1833 in Indiana.

William Gose b. 1834 in Indiana, d. Dec. 4, 1855 in Linn County, Missouri.

Elizabeth Gose b. 1836 in Missouri m. Keithly.

Charles Gose b. 1837 in Missouri.

Lemuel Gose b. 1839 in Missouri.

Mary Ella Gose b. 1842 in Linn County, Missouri, d. before 1855 in Linn County, Missouri.

Simon Gose b. 1843 in Missouri.

Asroe Gose b. 1845 in Linn County, Missouri, d. March 7, 1862 in Pea Ridge, Arkansas during the Civil War battle of Pea Ridge also called Elkhorn Tavern.

Enslow Monroe Gose b. April 1, 1848 in Brookfield, Missouri, d. Sept. 19, 1918 near Roy, New Mexico, m. May 2, 1869 in Linneus, Missouri to Serilda Evelyn Stanley.

Malissa Jane Gose b. about Nov. 1849 in Missouri.

John M. Gose b. August 15, 1853 in Linn County, Missouri, d. Dec. 9 1915 in Woodward County, Oklahoma, m. Dec. 22, 1897 in Linn County, Missouri to Louisa P. Stanley.

My branch: Descendants of Enslow Monroe Gose;

Enslow Monroe Gose m. May 2, 1869 to Serilda Evelyn Stanley.

Their children were;

Mary Alice Gose b. June 6, 1871 in Linn County, Missouri, d. Dec. 10, 1961 in Des Moines, Iowa, m. August 31, 1890 in Grundy County, Missouri to William Sherman Nichols.

Andrew Jackson Gose b. June 7, 1873 in Linn County, Missouri, d. 1957 in Oklahoma m. before 1899 to Cora Lee Hampton.

Charles Covington Gose b. June 1, 1876 in Linn County, Missouri, d. August 18, 1954 in Sharon, Oklahoma, m. June 8, 1898 in Bedford, Missouri to Myrtle Belle Pearman.

Cora Francis Gose b. July 26, 1881 in Linn County, Missouri, d. Dec. 30, 1935 in Laramie, Wyoming, m. twice, Irving Sheets, John A. Cook.

Walter Roy Gose b. April 25, 1883 in Linn County, Missouri, d. Feb. 18, 1957 near Chester, Oklahoma, m. August 22, 1907 Hereford, Deaf Smith, Texas to Dee Whittaker.

Chester Arthur Gose b. August 25, 1885 in Brookfield, Missouri, d. Sept. 20, 1954 in Derry, New Mexico, m. twice Jenny? and Mary Belle Walkup.

Emma May Gose b. April 30, 1888 in Linn County, Missouri, d. April 27, 1926 in Enid, Oklahoma, m. about 1907 in Woodward, Oklahoma to Robert Raymond Holland.

Claude Lee Gose b. Feb. 13, 1891 in Linn County, Missouri, d. June 5, 1968 in Moreland Oklahoma, m. August 30, 1910 to Emma Lee Stinson.

Mabel Clare Gose b. May 10, 1894 in Alpha, Missouri, d. Oct. 21, 1963 in San Antonio, Texas, m. June 28, 1911 to Charles Ernest Long, 2 m. Foreman Reed Thompson.

My Branch: Descendants of Chester Arthur Gose;

Chester Arthur Gose m. Jan. 16, 1913 to Mary Belle Walkup b. May 17, 1894 in Kansas.

Their children were;

Thurley Lee Gose b. Jan. 27,1914 in New Mexico, d. Oct. 14, 1948 in New Mexico, m. 1938 to Frank Bills.

Thelma Darlene Elizabeth Gose b. July 28, 1915 in New Mexico, d. 1968 in Roseberg, Oregon, m. twice Norman Chatfield and Rudolph Brand.

Jess Willard Gose, b. Dec. 19, 1916 in Mosquero, New Mexico, d. July 24, 1982 in Walla Walla, Wa. m. March 30, 1936 in Hot Springs, New Mexico to Mary Edna Nix b. August 24, 1918 in Midlothian, Texas d. April 16, 1993 in Kennewick, Wa.

Lovona Imogene Gose b. May 4, 1918 in New Mexico, d. May 28, 1918 in Pennington, New Mexico.

Arthur Gose Jr. b. Dec. 20, 1921 in Derry, New Mexico, d. June 19, 1972 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Dennie Ezra Gose b. May 5, 1924 in Sedan, New Mexico, d. Sept. 7, 1995 in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Monterey John Gose b. Jan. 26, 1926 in New Mexico, d. April 6, 1976 in Albequerque, New Mexico.

Clyde Odell Gose b. Jan. 12, 1928 in New Mexico, d. June 14, 1980 in Alamogordo, New Mexico, m. twice.

This is me: Descendants of Jess Willard Gose;

Jess Willard Gose and Mary Edna Nix, Marys parents were John Thadeous Columbus Nix b. June 7, 1883 in Calhoun County, Mississippi, d. April 7, 1979 in Kennewick, Wa. and Emily (Emma) Jane Lemmon b. May 16, 1885 in DeKalb, Texas d. Jan. 21, 1962 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tamara Jane Gose b. Feb. 9, 1960 in Prineville, Oregon, m. twice and have two children. I have one living brother and two living sisters.

baby Gose b. 1940 in Tucumcari, New Mexico, d. a few hours later.

Descendants of Charles Covington Gose;

Charles Covington Gose and Myrtle Belle Pearman b. March 12, 1882 in Ashgrove, Ill. d. July 18, 1959 in Woodward, Oklahoma. Myrtles parents were John Wesley Pearman and Olive Margaret Peed.

Their children were;

Infant Gose b. before 1899 d. before 1899.

Roy Lee Gose b. Dec. 3, 1900 in Richmond, Oklahoma, d. April 7, 1988 in Twin Falls Idaho, m. Sept. 24, 1918 in Fairfield, Oklahoma to Ester Dowd.

Earle Monroe Gose b. Sept. 17, 1902 in Chester, Oklahoma, d. July 29, 1982 in Tacoma, Washington, m. 7 times; Dorothy Iris Beaty, Ethelyn Nelson, Helen, E.L. Nelson, Gladys Irene, Marie, Auroa K. Kasee.

Pearl C. Gose b. April 16, 1904 in Oklahoma, d. August 10, 1905 in Oklahoma.

Lilly Irene Gose b. Jan. 13, 1906 near Chester, Oklahoma, d. June 28, 1997 in Vici, Oklahoma, m. Sept. 12, 1922 in Woodward, Oklahoma to Nicolas Oliver Russell.

John Oscar Gose b. Oct.22, 1907 in Chester, Oklahoma, d. June 23, 1982 in Wenatchee, Washington, m. July 27, 1935 in Enid, Oklahoma

Vigil Raymond Gose Sr. b. May 13, 1909, 7 miles west of Watonga, Oklahoma, d. Dec. 25, 1971 in Curtis, Oklahoma, m.twice.

Flossie Mildred Gose b. Jan. 29, 1915 in Bedford, Missouri, d. August 10, 1980 in Long Beach, Califonia, m. June 6, 1931 to Alva Edward Bridwell.

Charles Eugene Gose

Clarence Frances Gose

Robert Ray Gose b. Feb. 25 1921, d. Feb. 21, 1922 in Oklahoma.

With respect for the living I will not add further to the tree

Thanks for all the help!

I couldn't have done it without you!

A special thanks to my mom-in-law Vicky for getting me hooked and all the cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and siblings that helped get all the info together and Cathy for helping me stay organized and doing the gruntwork and helping in research and telling me what works on the computer verses webtv, and Pam for teaching me HTML, and Draacs and Patrick for the Graphics and Gifworks for the beautiful banners.

You guys have been awesome!

And a super special thanks to Mark, Aunt Marie, Uncle Dennie, Great Grandpa Enslow, and Chester for having the foresight to keep great records!

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"A History of the German Reformed Church in North Carolina" pages 156 and 160

"History of German Settlements and of the Lutheran Church in North and South Carolina by G.D. Bernheim

"Pioneers of Virginia Bluegrass" by George B. Gose

"Early Adventures on the Western Waters" Volume III Part 2 by Mary B. Kegley

"My German Swiss Ancestors" by Clifford R. Canfield

"Peter Gose Litz" by Samuel Lower (out of print)

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