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My Snazzy List of Free Stuff to Send

Angel Kisses
send the ones you love a kiss from an angel
Blue Mountain Greeting Cards
send a card
Bubble Bath
I love a bubble bath
Mail a Meal
send munchies
A Sloppy Wet Kiss
want to kiss someone?
send a smile
Virtual Flowers
send flowers
Mydevil Cyber Postcards
cool fantasy postcards
Jelly Belly
Real Jelly Beans, Not Free but Tasty
smile somemore
Hey Macaroni
Smile & Dance
Just Can't Smile Enough
The Most Beautiful Flower
Food for Thought
Casper Postcards
cool cards
Oh MY Goodness
Funny Cards
A Women's Guide to Driving Men Crazy
A Nestful of E-Cards
Create A Free E-Card
Just What it Says
Forest Angel
More Food For Thought
ICQ Switzerland
Send a Postcard From Switzerland
You Are The Best
What Only Real Friends Will Tell You
A Lovely Rose
Food For Thought and Lots More Links
You Are Beautiful to Me
An Awesome card
A Big Ole Bear Hug
Pooh Postcard
For a Poohfectly Wonderful Day
Beautiful Sea
A Cyber Vacation
The Virtual Cave
A Tour of Caves, Pretty Awesome
A Rednecks Guide to Computer Lingo
Yup I'm a Redneck
What if Tomorrow Never Comes
Beatiful Food For Thought
BowCreek Cards
Lots of Varity in Music and Poems
Friendship is Golden
101 Reasons We Are Friends
It's That Time Again
Time For A Hug
The Golden Chain of Friendship
More Food for Thought
Best of Humor
For lots of Great Jokes
Send a Smile
Ask Jeeves
ask him anything
Virtual Rose
send a rose, beautiful page! I highly recommend it!
A Basket of Friends

More E-Cards

A Cyber Smooch
a wacky kiss
Panda Hugs
hugs from a Panda
Angels 2
Words of Wisdom
Hug of Life
a poem about hugs
The Dream
this is fun!
Mystic Messengers
send some virtual inspiration
Gift Baskets
send real gifts
The Web Trick
a psycic experinment
Do Not Cheat!
a fun little test, requires a calculator

My Not Quite as Wholesome and yet Hilarious List of Links (Dirty Jokes O.K.)

Cyber Sex
How to Guide to Cyber Sex (not)
Famous Testicles
yep that's what it is
When You Reach 18.....
I'm not gonna give away the punchline
Absolutely Filthy Jokes
Filthy but Funny
Guess the Beer
Go Ahead Try know you want to
A Cyber Fart
Stick Death
Pretty Cute if Your Sick Like Me
The Original Funnys Page
Lots of Cute but Dirty Jokes
An English Lesson for Webtv
Caution F Word

More Dirty Jokes

Croach Master 6000
Great Exercise
The Horny Snowman
Viagra Falls

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