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Clyde Odell Gose was born January 12, 1928 in New Mexico, his parents were Chester Arthur Gose and Mary Belle Walkup

Clyde served in th Army during WWII but was discharged because he was the baby of the family and all his older brothers were also in the military. He married Betty Jean Veden about 1949 in Eugene, Oregon and they had one daughter, Carolynn Kae Gose.

His Second marriage was to Jo Ann ? before 1962 they had twins Sandra and Preston Gose while he served in the Air Force at the tail end of the the Korean War, I don't believe he was in battle but have 2 conflicting stories there. The twins were born at the Mountain Home Air Force base in Idaho. He also was in Okanawa for awhile.

Clyde also sold mobile homes and was a jack-of-all-trades.

He died of colan cancer June 14, 1980 in Alamogordo, New Mexico (Otero County).

Sandy Gose

Preston Gose

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