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The List of Names


     The Stephen Gose family cemetery is located in Bland County, Virginia, north of Bastian and near the community of Grapefield.   From US Highway # 52, turn west on route # 614 and drive approximately 5 miles and the little cemetery is on the left of the road.

     The cemetery is about 100 feet from the road and up on a very small long knoll.   The cemetery is in very bad condition and NO stones can be read at this time.   There are a few stones still present in the cemetery.

     The following records are mostly from a family history written by Mathias Ambrose Fox about 1900, with a few dates taken from, "Pioneers of The Virginia Bluegrass," by George B. Gose.   It appears they may be from 20 to 25 graves in the cemetery.

Cameron, Levi Newton b. June 09, 1850 d. April 16, 1854 ****Levi was a son of Jacob and Margaret (Fox) Cameron

Gose, Aaron G. son of Stephen b. Jan. 21, 1826 d. Jan. 21, 1826 *******This child may have died before the family moved to the Gose farm on Wolf Creek and therefore not in this cemetery.

Gose, Archibald T. son of Stephen b. June 03, 1829 d. Dec. 26, 1832

The above record is from, "Pioneers of The Virginia Bluegrass," by George B. Gose. According to a history that was written by Mathias A. Fox, Archibald was grown with a family.

Gose, Elizabeth wife of Stephen b. Jan. 01, 1803 d. March 10, 1872
Elizabeth was a daughter of Mathias and Barbara (Spangler) Fox, of Burke's Garden, Virginia.

Gose, George Phillip son of Stephen b. March 19, 1834 d. April 01, 1834

Gose, George Rhudy son of Stephen b. June 22, 1835 d. Aug. 14, 1836

Gose, Stephen son of Phillip and Elizabeth (Spangler) Gose b. Nov. 22, 1799 d. June 27, 1870 *******Stephen was one of the first Justices of Bland County, VA.

Tabor, James CSA June 03, 1883

Tabor, Luvenia V. wife of James Dec 04 1846 *******Luvenia Virginia was a daughter of Duncan & Margaret (Fox) Cameron.

Tabor, Mary (May) daughter of James & L. May ?? 1874 married. William Woods - d. of typhoid fever in Bluefield, VA. Her baby was buried next to her.

Tabor, Nania daughter of James & L. 1881-1895

Tabor, Venia c. of James & L. June 03, 1883

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